Dr. Kirpa Johar

Aligners and Invisible Braces

Invisalign is an alternative to wearing braces for straightening of teeth which uses aligners. The aligners are virtually invisible as well as removable so that one can straighten their teeth without letting anyone know. And one can eat and drink as per their wish. Our appearance plays a pivotal role in determining our confidence. With Invisalign, one can get a perfect smile that too without feeling the awkwardness of braces.

Features of Invisalign

– Invisalign straightens our teeth by using a series of almost invisible and removable aligners which are tailor-made specifically for teeth of the patient.

– Invisalign is a tray made of smooth and invisible plastic which you wear on your teeth. They gently shift the teeth in the correct place.

– There is no use of metal brackets and wires to attach and tighten like braces

– Since one can replace aligner in every two weeks, the teeth will move at a minimal pace gradually shifting towards the desired final position.

– With virtues of clarity, comfort, and removability, Invisalign simply transforms your life with a perfect set of teeth and beautiful smile.