Dr. Kirpa Johar

Advanced Erbium Laser Cavity Cutting,Less Drilling

Tooth decay has become a serious problem to many people both young and adults. Tooth filling is the beginning stage of preventing tooth decay when it is small and manageable.

The greatest benefit of laser fillings is that needles and drills are usually not required! This means no more high-pitched drilling noises and no more numb lips. Occasionally, a laser dentist will need to use a drill – for instance to remove amalgam. Also, a needle may sometimes be necessary for some patients, especially those with highly sensitive teeth. However, because lasers are effective in reducing sensitivity, those with sensitive teeth will benefit from reduced sensitivity after the filling.

With the Erbium:YAG range of lasers conventional drilling has been transformed. The laser works by taking advantage of the high composition of water in the enamel and dentine to create micro-explosions that eject the decayed material. The procedure is painless and in most cases requires no anaesthesia. Moreover the laser drill does not even come into physical contact with the tooth itself.

The clinical advantages of lasers for cavity preparation are that they are capable of cutting more precisely, allowing more of the healthy tooth to remain.